Spring Creek Border Leicesters


Our pasture based, NSIP enrolled flock is carefully managed for carcass quality as well as premium fiber, and Spring Creek ewes have been selected for easy lambing and excellent mothering for more than 40 years. All animals trace back to legendary Canadian and New Zealand bloodlines, non black-factored.

The closed ewe flock has held Certified status in USDA’s voluntary scrapie program since 2001 and became Export Certified in 2016. No foot rot or CL; OPP test-negative since 1997 and flock holds negative status in Minnesota’s voluntary OPP program. All animals are genotyped for scrapie susceptibility; those offered for sale carry at least one "R" at codon 171 (flock is "AA" at codon 136).

Lambs are born in late spring and offered first come/first choice based on date of inquiry; no deposit required to be placed on our wait list for lambs, or for the occasional adults that become available.

Photo is of 4-month-old lambs (shorn at 2 months) coming in for a nap after pigging out on clover.

We’re in Minnesota, 30 miles west of the Twin Cities:   952.472.4524 (or) lewman@frontier.com